Financial Wellness

Virtual Advisor


CashCourse provides

  • Free online financial education courses through instructor assignments or self-study
  • Customizable financial tools such as worksheets, a Budget Wizard, quizzes and calculators
  • A personal dashboard to track your progress
  • Articles and resources on topics that students can relate to
  • A guide to real-life money questions

Financial Wellness Project 

Are you interested in learning about budgeting and credit? Do you have questions about money habits and investments? If yes, the Financial Aid Office has the information you need! 

Students who are interested in learning about money management, credit scores, investing, and other related topics are encouraged to sign up for the 15-week Financial Wellness Project. Students who opt in to text messaging will receive one text message per  week. Each text will allow students to click the link at their leisure and learn about that week’s topic. Each week will have about 5-minutes worth of content that is available in English and Spanish. Students will have the ability to opt out of the Financial Wellness  Project at any time. Interested students should email the sign-up form to the Financial Aid Office at


    ECMC Learning

    Financial wellness for success in college and beyond. College can be challenging, but managing your money should not be. After creating a personalized account, you can:

    • Complete online courses on topics relevant to your life.
    • Measure your financial health and get personalized recommendations.
    • Create a monthly budget and track your spending over time.
    • Assess your risk of identity theft, calculate the cost of borrowing, explore careers, create financial goals, and much more!