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Types of Financial Aid

CA College Promise Grant (CCPG)

Cal Grant


Federal Work Study (FWS)

Pell Grant


Federal Direct Stafford Loans

Other Sources of Financial Assistance


Federal Student Aid on YouTubeFederal Student Aid
Federal Student AidFederal Student Aid

Financial Aid TV

Financial Aid TV

Other Sources of Financial Assistance

AMERICORPS: Provides full-time educational awards in return for work in community services. Students may work before, during or after post-secondary education and can use the funds either to pay current educational expenses or to repay federal student loans. For more information on the availability of these awards, call (800) 942-2677 or for TTY (800) 833-3722. Information is also available at www.americorps.gov

EOPS: Extended Opportunity Programs and Services was established to support the college success of students identified as challenged by language, social and economic conditions. EOPS is focused on stimulating student interest in intellectual, educational, and vocational achievement. For more information contact EOPS at eops.fullcoll.edu or (714) 992-7097.

CARE: Cooperative Agencies Resources for Education provides financial assistance and academic, career and personal support to eligible Fullerton College students who are single parents and are current CalWORKS recipients. For more information contact CARE at eops.fullcoll.edu/care_program.htm or (714) 992-7097.

TIP: Be aware of the deadline dates for applying to the various programs.


What is EOPS?