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Board of Governor Fee Waiver (BOGFW)

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Board of Governor Fee Waiver (BOGFW)

BOG Fee Waiver Changes
BOG Fee Waiver Fact Sheet

The Board of Governor Fee Waiver (BOGFW) is a state-wide program, exclusive to community colleges. Applicants must be California residents.

The BOGFW offers the following benefits:
Waives Tuition Fee
Waives a Portion of the Parking Permit Fee

The application process is available throught the academic year.
If a student completes a FAFSA and are eligible for the BOG, the award will automatically be posted for the student.
If a student does not complete the FAFSA, they can complete an online BOG Fee Waiver application through myGateway. Select Financial Aid and then select BOG Fee Waiver Application.

If you are taking classes at both Cypress College and Fullerton College, you will need to apply separately for both schools.

The following outlines the three qualification methods:

1) Receiving monthly cash assistance
2) Dependent student whose parents are receiving TANF/CalWorks or SSI/SSP as sole source of income
3) Eligible dependent of a United States Veteran
4) Recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor, child of a recipient, or a dependent of a victim of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attack
5) Dependent of a deceased law enforcement/fire suppression personnel killed in the line of duty

Household income

Unmet need, through the completion of a FAFSA application.

TIP: You must re-apply each academic year.


What is the BOG Fee Waiver?